1. Invisible Telegraph

  2. Toastmaster's Delight: Brian DiSanto Live on WPTS

  3. Evaporating Cadillac

  4. Cinnamon Donkey Skull

  5. Fireballs & Eager Beavers
    ✭ Various Artists ✭

  6. Wolpertinger

  7. Live at Station P - 11/16/14

  8. Loft Party Reconnaissance Mission

  9. Hustletop

  10. Live at The First Demands Massive Massive Sound Series

  11. 3 Sightings
    Mangy Bipods

  12. Parlaying The Hook And Lateral

  13. Papa Corks The Rocket

  14. Live Bait
    ★ Various Artists ★

  15. Horrible Backwards To The Moon

  16. Rope-A-Dope Man

  17. Satyr/Elfheim & Brian DiSanto
    Satyr/Elfheim & Brian DiSanto

  18. Dig Environ

  19. The Advance Associate Strikes Again

  20. Skinny Dipping In A Weird Lagoon

  21. The Seagull Swiped My Car Keys
    ★ Various Artists ★

  22. The Magic 8-Ball Is Stuck On Yes: The Best Of Wild Raft's 2nd Year
    Wild Raft & Friends

  23. Howlin' B​-​Sides & Rarities
    Haggard Wulf

  24. Honey Gunner II
    Honey Gunner

  25. Helio Hedgemaze

  26. White Nothing Adhesive
    White Nothing Adhesive

  27. Edible Phantoms

  28. Mischief Sailors (Graffiti Lighthouses)

  29. Hot Bandits
    ★ Various Artists ★

  30. Tattoo Prizes

  31. Runaround Gringo

  32. Vinegar Hollow Mud Man

  33. Radiant Cop

  34. Ali & The Haitians Live! At The Vatican't 10/5/12
    Ali & The Haitians

  35. Hefty Bearcub! & Eleven Other Rarities: May - August 2012

  36. Honey Gunner
    Honey Gunner

  37. Gravity Grotto
    Maverick Jack

  38. Sassafras
    Rob Russell

  39. Yeti In The Ice

  40. Glow Dog Hot Stick

  41. Avalancheland

  42. Pursuit Of The Fantasma Spectres
    Maverick Jack


  44. Padre Phil

  45. Zoom And You're Back Again
    Black Strap

  46. Badloaf

  47. 2011/2012

  48. Ali and The Haitians LIVE ! @ROUP
    Ali and The Haitians

  49. Chemistry Cocktail

  50. No Confetti Permitted In The Buildings
    Ali & The Haitians

  51. Wax Text
    Wax Text

  52. Railroad to the Lava Plantation
    Colonel Spitfire

  53. Shattered Hogpie
    Slug Muffins

  54. Crinkle Cut

  55. Pink Flamingo Fanfare

  56. Golden Girls
    Golden Quikrete

  57. Blister Pack!

  58. Ribbons of Love
    Antoine Angelo and Sergio

  59. Temporary Magic Carpet

  60. Brian DiSanto ~ Live at The Wherehouse

  61. Risky Ventures
    The Ramblin' Roosters

  62. Lightweight Grace Forever

  63. Grease Slick Space Cave

  64. Almost Appalachia
    various Pgh misfits and mutts

  65. Thunder Genie


Brian DiSanto Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm a solo/a cappella performer based in Pittsburgh. I'm also in several bands. Wild Raft is my express method for releasing small batch CDr's, and digital albums, from my solo/band projects as well as other musicians in the Wild Raft family.
If you dig what you hear and want a physical copy, let me know!!! The price varies, but never more than $5.
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